Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tag Your It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Random Facts Bout Me!!

#1. Jesus is my lover!!!
#2. I have a messed up thumb nail right now!! haha.
#3. I am very adventourous...hiking..quading..surfing...snowboarding..Go Carts ;) !!!
#4. I love to eat :)
#5. I work @ Sargents House of Coffee!!! Your it!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Beautiful Clouds!!
Some Awesome Hats!! haha

Stunning Sharaya
My buds!!
Chelsea and Sharaya
Sharaya and Dustin
Friends Forever All sad leaving PEAK ;(

Sharaya, Me, Jenna, and Kaylynn @ Cheddars!!!
Zara sleeping, Lon Cheesin, and Sharaya of course grinnin!
Zara, Lon, and I
Priscilla aka Zara, Lon, Me, and Shar !!

Buds :)
Preston and I getting drunk @ Cracker Barrel on our Beer!!! haha.
Me drinking some Budweiser with some root in it!lol.
Kaylynn, Me, Sharaya, and Alli the First Night !!

Jenna and I on are way to Tulsa :)
Us being silly!
A sleepy guy that turned out being a creep kept staring @ me n jen.yucky!
Chelsea, London, and I @ Cracker Barrel for Brunch !!!

Well let me just start out by saying PEAK was so incredibly awesome!!! I will never forget the awesome life changing services!!! They were amazing!! I am so happy I had the privilage of being able to go :) I am definetely going again next year!!!! Not only was church awesome so was the food... Cracker Barrel (Biscuits and Gravy :) mmm)... Cheddars ( Crazy Nachos + Pina colada ....delectable ! )... Bluebell icecream!!!!.... Fudruckers!!. I Hop!!! hah that was a joke lol...Starbucks ( gotta say wasn't to fond of it likin Sargents ;0 ) It was also cool because I was able to meet new people and hang out !!! It was super awesome.. O yeah I can't forget Logans' Roadhouse and putting a peanut in Rachel French's curl hah. That was Great !!! lol... The elevator rides and running away from mean ol' mike Leon @ like 5am !!! hah! I am excited for next year and totally suggest going next year if you weren't able to make it this year or even if you did!! haha I am so funny!! lol. jk.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey Ya'll Ready For Peak :)