Monday, January 26, 2009


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Class of 09'

Well folks I am happy to announce that today was my official last day of high school!
I had to take my last couple finals and then present my senior project to a group of school board members! All went well...luckily I knew all but one of the members on the board so I wasn't too nervous! I felt that I did a pretty good job on my presentation and am so happy to be finished!!! woo hoo!!! Once it was all over I was walking out of the class where I gave my prsentation pulled my phone out to call my Mom and there she was!! It was the perfect timing :) She surprised me and brought me balloons and chocolate and brought her camera so she could take a picture of me and the board... so we went back into the class and told them that I wanted a picture with all of them. My mom had her camera ready or so we thought and we all were ready and smiling for the camera and for some reason the camera did not want to work. So my Mom attempted trying it a few more times as we stood there with our now plastic smiles.. it was funny it really made me laugh!!.. luckily I remembered that I has my camera with me and so my Mom was able to take the picture finally!! haha. I love you Mom!! I am really exciting i'm now finished but am really going to miss all the teachers there and friends I have made over the years!! But I will be back to visit them all and give out senior pics and such and of course walk in the ceremony held in June!! I am happy that my parents decided to put me into public school, attending Pleasant Grove was a great experience for me and I feel ready for college! Thanks to everyone at PGHS for making the years GREAT and to my wonderful family for being there and pushing me throughout it all!! I couldnt make it with out you all!!
(Here's a few pics from today...)