Friday, November 7, 2008

Is Murder A Crime ?

Your probably wondering what is she talking about of course murder is a crime... Well for my government class for homework over this weekend I had to write a one page summary of a bill I would like to propose to congress and it had to be a law we DO NOT already have in place so here it is... Tell me what you think?!?!

Is Murder A Crime?
Dear Congress:
As of the 2008 election which took place on November 04, proposition 4 amending the state constitution to require a physician to notify the parent or legal guardian of a pregnant, unemancipated minor in writing at least 48 hours before performing an abortion was not passed. For me I feel that proposition 4 should have been passed, because as a teenage girl myself, I feel it is a minors responsibility to protect themselves from getting pregnant. As a minor, teenage girls’ should reap the consequences of their actions by having parental notice. Although opponents say the exceptions offered are daunting and difficult and it’s too much to expect a teenager to report parental abuse or seek a judicial waiver. This point of view really stood out to me because for example a minor under 18 years old can not go tanning in a tanning salon, unless a parent or guardian signs a waiver. Tanning salons say minors must get a parental or guardian signature because the ultraviolet rays the beds release are extremely dangerous and can be harmful. This seems extremely strange to me that a minor can have her own baby killed without getting a signed parental or guardian waiver or even a notification, but a minor can not go tanning unless provided with a parental or guardian signature. The irony of these two situations boggles my mind, it is such a twisted mind set. What is our society becoming today? Will murder no longer be recognized as a crime? Please take this all into effect and make the right choice for California. Help keep teenagers safe by ensuring that a family member would know about the teen’s medical situation and be informed of risks to her health and safety.
Sincerely: Samantha Felt

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Season is Almost Here and Am I Ready :)

Well my life has been quite crazy this semester. I am graduating midterm and am proud to say AM the only one out of my high school which is made up of about 3,000 students!!! So as you can probably tell being that I haven't posted in like forever except for the other day I have basically been a geek for the past 3 months going to high school, college, church, choir, work, studying till the wee hours of the morning and doing boring homework :( I said all this to say that I am utterly thrilled for both Thanksgiving and Christmas break this year!! I am sure that unfortunately my high school teachers will give me work to do over break being that high school finals are after Christmas Break which is just dumb, which is the reason they are changing it next year to be like college where finals are before break. Which really stinks because woo hoo I will not be there next year!! Over Christmas break I plan on just chillin with my homie g's, eating, sleeping, partying, going to the snow, ice skating, spending time with my family, and just having FUN :)


Monday, November 3, 2008

Please Vote For Mc Cain Palin if You are Eligible!!