Monday, August 3, 2009

Monterey w/Michelle, Chelsea, and Alli (cont..)

My Masterpiece :)
Yum Yum!
Chelsea's Masterpiece :) 
Alli's Guy Catcher Contraption...(Part 1)

Sorry it's sideways don't know how to fix that yet will have to have Mike L help me! haha.

(Part 2- Her first find...)

(Part3-Her *Grand Finale find*) HAHA
And we are pretty sure we found her man's car!! bwahahahaha.

Monterey w/Michelle, Chelsea, and Alli

This past weekend Michelle, Chelsea, Alli, and myself made our way to the beautiful city of Monterey!! We left Friday evening and came back late Sunday evening!! It was a blast :)  When we got there Friday night we just hung out @Sal+Ashley Tudesko's house... Michelle's sister.  On Saturday we slept in had yummy oatmeal/wheat pancakes with strawberries and syrup on top with a mocha on the side! It was delectable:) After we ate breakfast we just relaxed @ the house for a couple hours then got dressed and cleaned up and headed for Fisherman's Wharf!!

Once we got to Fisherman's Wharf we went to Sal+Ash's restaurant previously known as Captain's Gig... which is now...Paulucca tratoria!! It's so yummy! I definitely suggest going there if you ever want some place to eat @ on Fisherman's Wharf :)  Anyways it was really good Chels and I spilt the grilled chicken Panini Yum Yum!! After we were all finished we went over to the near Turkish festival where we saw many interesting things!haha.  Then we decided it would be fun to rent a 5 seater surrey! So we did and was it comical! haha. We actually went for a 4 mile ride from Fisherman's Wharf to Lover's Point...but none of us had Lover's!haha.jk.. It was beautiful :)  After the adventurous surry ride dodging things left and right we where exhausted so headed back to the house to make homemade pizzas because Sal+Ash have a pizza oven in their backyard!! Sal taught us all how to roll our dough out and then apply our ingredients! It was so much fun and so yummy... we all had our own pizzas and ate the whole thing!haha.  So that's pretty much all we did Sat which was more than enough! haha. Sunday we pretty much just relaxed then went into Carmel to eat and then window shop @ my dream store Anthropologie!! OMW they have the cutest stuff too bad im not rich! haha.  Once we were done shopping we went to a cute lil Coffee and Sweets shop and then headed to the beach where Alli decided to make her infamous.... Guy Catcher! haha. It was definitely a trip I will never forget!haha.
Here's some pics and  videos of our trip Enjoy!!

The Glorious Mocha!...Props to Chels :)
Adorable Lucca I fell in love with! 

Cutie Pie Paul
Chelsea and I being Nerds @ Costco with our new glasses! Aren't they cute!
Chelsea and I @Paulucca Tratoria!

Which bird is real?!?!?! haha.
The Beautiful Harbor View from Paulucca's!!
Land ho!!!
The Surry Bike Ride!!
Making the delectable homemade pizzas!
More Finished Pizza Pics and Alli's Guy Catcher to follow...
stay tuned! haha.