Sunday, September 7, 2008

09-05-08 Youth !!!

Trying to Take A Pix but we were all discombobulated!!! haha.
Silly girls
Korena :) and Me :)
Twins and we didnt even plan happens when we wear this shirt haha
Shar and Tiff
Chels, Shar,and Luke!
Me, Sharaya, and Tiffany dying laughing.. I promise it was the laughing night!! haha.

Hunts and Fig Newton lol.(inside jk) haha..hey i never realized they are both food related!!!hahahahahahahahahahaha...........................haha................................ aka.. My adopted sisters!!! lol. cute!!
Rori and Steph Laughing!
Rori !
Chels snickering!!

Steph, Rori, Scott, and Lon .. aka. ..(singing group)lol.

Buds for Life !
ahhhhh Korena, Me, and Sharaya!
Me, Bro.Young (Best pastor ever!!) ,and Chelsea... Chels thought Bro.Young was Boston while we were taking the picture so that's why she's all confused haha!!lol. I love you Chelsea!! :)
Me and Chels being dorks!!

Stephanie Lane and Rori Lane
Me and Rori Lane :)
Rori baby.. I love her to pieces!!!
Goliaths and Davids hehe jk

This last Friday night was TRGYC "homeroom experience" where: jr.high, high school, and college and career get together for prayer, bible reading, and then we break out into our sessions... Well this particular Friday night Jr.High and High school session was combined. Bro. Tilmanshofer was our guest speaker and did a Fabulous job!!! He talked to us about Temptation, something that really stuck out to me that he said was that everyone deals with Temptation no matter how strong or weak you are in your walk with God ...and that Temptation is not a sin until you fall into the Temptation!!! Thank you Bro. Tilmanshofer that was a great message I will never forget!!! I am so happy to have the privilege to serve the most AMAZING, GLORIOUS, LOVING, BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME GOD there is Hallelujah!!! Well.. here's a few pics from after youth you may notice some of our tear stained faces he he. All for Jesus!!!