Thursday, July 30, 2009

SunSplash Golfland!!

Well hello everyone!
I am just now sitting down to post about how much fun I had tonight or I guess last night since its now past 12am!! Well... anyways... Carly, Lucas, Stephanie,  Kara Chavez, and I went to Golfland Sunsplash and let me tell you boy was it fun!!  We started off with mini golf, Carly went first and hit the golf ball out into the grass we were all dying laughing and so were the peeps behind us! But thankfully she and the rest of us got better by the time we made it to the end which is the 19th hole! haha...Unfortunately we weren't able to ride the go carts because they closed @ 11pm and we thought they closed @ 12am so that was a bummer guess we will just have to go back for those sometime! haha.. Here's a few pics and ViDeO of the...drumroll.....*WINNER* Enjoy! :)

Kara, Me, and Steph!
Luke and Carly
Me and Carly singing! haha not really!
Steph and I fighting with golfclubs haha!
Got a little angry and broke the window of the castle!
Not really... it's bird poop folks! haha.

Kara, Luke, Carly, and Steph aka.. the band!

Monday, July 27, 2009


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Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopping!! 07/24/2009

Well... Today My Mom, Steph, and I started our shopping trek @ 10:30am this morning!!!

First we headed off to Costco where I wanted to go and buy a digital camera... btw... it was an interesting trip just getting to Costco from my house! It's only bout 15 min away.. well it was so interesting because for those of you who don't know I just got a new 2005 hyundai sonata, which has a manual transmission! But I love it boy o boy!, i'm starting to get the hang of it and got a LOT of practice in today which is always good! So anyways.. I stalled a couple times on the way to Costco! haha.. it was hilarious!  We made it to Costco safely and looked @ the digital cameras because I have been wanting to buy a new one.. I ended up not getting one because I wasn't sure exactly what i wanted... So we got back in the car and made our way to Nordstrom Rack and again made it safely :) ... Oh I got a couple pairs of shoes there!... 

and some Betsey sunglasses!

.. after shopping there for @least a few hours we headed over to go EAT!! Woho! My fav part of the day! lol jk. I of course had yummy Dos Coyotes, Mom had Pluto's and Steph had Panda Express it was funny we all had totally different foods!
Then after we were done their we went over to the mall next door and shopped around their for a while ,I got a couple cute headbands! Then when we where done with the Mall we headed over to Ikea!! I got a desk for my room, a throw, a couple pillows im going to put the extra curtain material on, and a curtain rod for my soon to be curtains that my Auntie  Laura is making for me right now! I'll have to post my new and completed room once it's all put together! So once we were done @ Ikea we started getting the munchies so we headed over to a near Mc Donalds and enjoyed ourselves with a delicious soft serve and fries!! It was so yummy!! Once we finished there we headed home and stopped @ Target where I looked for a digital camera there as well but still didn't find what I wanted so we left and then made our way back over to Costco as fast as I could go and keep the car under control because Costco was about to close and I made the decision i wanted the camera there because it was the best deal... well I paid for it and everything and went to the merchandise pick up and they were stinkin out of the camera the display was the last one!! haha. Crazy Crazy so  I had to go and get my $ back so long story short I ended up just ordering the camera online! haha.. but I had a lot of fun today and am so thankful for the best Mommy in the world  Patti Felt she is so  AWESOME!!! Thanks for making my day your Princess loves you more than you will ever know ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am now a proud owner of the MacBookPro:)

Well well... as most of you can tell I have left my  blog neglected for a while just never felt like posting! haha. But last Saturday I went and purchased a MacBook Pro!! I love it!!! So now I should able to post more often and keep ya'll updated on my life!!! Well tootles for now have a splendiforous day and take the time to read Bro. Joe's post its well worth the read!! You can read it @