Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Update :)

So, this month of January 2010 has been awesome! God is doing great things in my life and @ TRC and our community! I am so thankful to live for and serve my God :) I count it a privilege!! I feel I have drawn closer to God this month than any other time of my life!! I am excited to see what happens the rest of this month and then in February, March @ No Limits, etc...
Before school started back up again I was able to go hit the slopes and hang out with friends and celebrated my Bro. Philip's Bday :)
Here's some pictures of my family and Mike Leon aka.. the orphan.. inside @ Heavenly Ski Resort !! I also included some pics of TRGYC's snow trip and Philips party last weekend!! If you did not go you missed out and need to make plans to attend next year, it was a blast! There's also a few from the other night just hanging out with friends :)
Now, unfortunately as of Wednesday this week I am back in college :( booo hooo... I guess i'll just have to be a trooper and think that after this semester is over it will be summer :) yay!

Kate&Philip on the gondola on the way up!
(L-R) Mike, Me, Philip, Kate, and Carly @ Heavenly Village
Mike, Carly, and I on the gondola on the way to the top!!!
The awesome view from the gondola :)
Mom, me, and Dad @ the top of the mountain!!
Natalie, Sharaya, and I bright and early on the way up to the snow :)

Group of us girls getting ready to sled!! Notice all the fur jackets! lol.
Me and Sharaya getting ready to brave the hill!! lol.
Everyone that went :)
Surprise Philip!!!
The Awesome Bass Pro Shop!
Sarah and Bro.Young
Sarah, La Chrisha, and I by the waterfall and fish!
Charity, the pro, @ the shooting range deal :)
Us girls sporting some ugly hats. haha.


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